Message from CEO


It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our new website which has been designed to easy navigation and transactions for you.  Improvements have been made in the positioning of vital segments while your favourite products and services are now few clicks away.

A significant innovation is our clients improved access to the entire products and services, online real-time contact centre during office hours and improved Investors relation segment which gives our esteemed shareholders access to helpful information.

In recognition of the role of the Internet as the fastest and most versatile means of information exchange, we have deliberately made our website, as interactive as possible. The bandwidth is also large enough to accommodate all the necessary information that we may need to upload for now in order to continue to arouse the interest of visitors to the site. For both the social media platform and the website, we recognize that there will always be room for improvement.

We note however that the path to excellence and innovation is a journey and not a destination. We therefore aspire and motivate ourselves to stay focused on this path while riding on the shoulders of those who have travelled the road ahead of us in sustainable partnership and technical alliances. On this note, we have formed technical alliances with reputable, technology driven partners. In a global village in which we all now live, we have deliberately taken steps to be the local- global organization in any location of our operation. 

As an organization, our innovative drive into the future in the next decade will be fuelled by development of the best people asset, deployment of cutting edge technology platform and provision of sustainable value added services to our customers. Prestige Assurance is a key stakeholder and well recognized in the Nigerian Financial Services industry.

We believe that if Nigeria is to be technology giant in Africa, we must change both the way we think and our consumer mentality to that which harvests creativity, innovation and excellence. 

The next phase of our online deployment will see us revamp our transactional website, which will be launched couple of weeks. This new platform will make it easier to buy our range of insurance products. Existing policies renewals as well as new policies options will be made readily available to you on the transactional website.

Please have a look around the site and drop an email on your thoughts geared towards improving the quality of these media.

Welcome to Prestige Assurance; Compassionate and caring!



Dr. Balla Swamy