Mediclaim Health Insurance




Prestige Assurance Plc has launched its health insurance products to meet the medical exigencies of every Nigerian and expatriates at affordable prices.

For the first time in the history of general insurance in Nigeria, Prestige Assurance makes access to quality and truly reliable health insurance services available to many Nigerians by introducing ‘Prestige Mediclaim Policy.’ A Health Insurance carefully designed to suit the needs of many Nigerians as it covers hospitalization expenses arising from accidents and covered illnesses while providing other benefits like hospital cash, critical care benefits, new born baby cover among others. Prestige Assurance makes access to quality and truly reliable health insurance services available to many Nigerians.

Coverage is available for the proposer, spouse and up to maximum of four dependent children who can be covered under a single sum insured.

This policy is available to person’s up to 60 years while children are covered from the age of 3 months.


The health insurance plans are:


Prestige Mediclaim policy (For individual and family members) and

Prestige Group Mediclaim policy (Family members can also be covered as a floater)

Prestige Group Mediclaim policy provides corporates and other groups with similar cover for their employees and their family members with the option of various add-on covers like waiver of pre-existing conditions on specified ailments, maternity cover, critical care benefits to mention but a few.


Want to know what makes our policy, the preferred insurance plans in Nigeria? Unlike regular HMO, Prestige Assurance makes sure every client and their dependents can receive treatment and hospital facilities in any hospital of choice in Nigeria as well as over 2,500 hospitals in India through our parent company TPA (Third Party Administrator).


Here is a more comparison, Prestige Mediclaim plan provide cover for Admission (Room Rent & Boarding expenses), Ambulance charge, ICCU and Cataract cover, but most HMO insurance does not. Unlike HMO, Prestige Mediclaim policy also cover for congenital diseases, provide Critical Care Benefit, Grace period, Hospital cash benefits and many more.


If you are looking for quality health insurance in Nigeria that you can fully rely on, what are you waiting for?


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